OpsTree Solutions: Designing & Executing the Right Cloud Strategy with CloudOps Offering

According to a recent report by Allied Market Research, the size of the cloud services market is anticipated to reach $1,620,597 million by 2030. One of the most important factors driving the global cloud services market is scalability & cost-effectiveness. With the deployment of cloud services, organizations can save more than 35 percent of the annual operating costs. However, the successful adoption of the cloud requires a strong partner to help navigate through the journey.

This is where India based OpsTree Solutions comes into the picture. The company provides a comprehensive DevSecOps offering that helps right from the strategy & roadmap phase along with complete tool sets for implementing automated cloud Infra-structure with scalability, security, and reusability as the main focus. Having expertise in Cloud Migrations, DevOps automation, Containerization & Hybrid Cloud Operations, OpsTree Solutions is positioned as a niche Cloud & DevSecOps Engineering expert and an established AWS Platform Services expert. The company also enables the adoption of EKS and migration to EKS along with Kubernetes applications delivery management, with their product BuildPiper.

Secure and automated infra setup and application delivery is our unique strength

OpsTree offers solutions through their AWS Specific verticals/COEs (Centre of Excellence) for Security, Cost Optimization & Well-architected framework. In addition, their expertise enables customers with custom use cases validation through a POC (Proof of Concept), building or integration of open-source utilities/custom solutions for a comprehensive AWS adoption by the customers of all scales.

"Our Cloud Architects and Security Consultants work very closely with the client tech & product teams to design highly available, scalable, secure, and cost-optimized platforms for their applications," states Shankar Jha, Co-Founder & CEO, OpsTree Solutions.

Cloud Infra Setup & Management
"Secure and automated infra setup and application delivery is our unique strength," affirms Shankar Jha. Offerings of OpsTree under Cloud Infra Setup and Management category includes one-click infra setup and tear down, automated on-demand new environment creation facilitated by tools such as Terraform and Cloud formation.

Cloud Migrations
The OpsTree team brings services and expertise across various migration scenarios - From
standard on premise to cloud lift and shift migration, to application & infrastructure modernization and adoption of Kubernetes.

Cloud Security & Audits
OpsTree follows the security approach of `Shift Left' along with 'least privileges policy'. This coupled with complete DevSecOps implementation along with 24x7 security monitoring makes them a partner of choice. They also work closely with AWS teams and customers to carry out regular Security audit and implementations for the customer's AWS Infrastructure estate.

Powerful DevSecOps Platform for Managing Microservices
What differentiates OpsTree Solutions from the other providers in this landscape is the company's approach towards developing full-stack DevSecOps engineering skills with its ex-tensive hands-on experience and capabilities.

Especially for the Microservices and Kubernetes adoption journey, the OpsTree team helps the customers achieve containerization with security & governance best practices. OpsTree brings in its cumulative experience of 70+ implementations through its powerful DevSecOps platform for Managing Microservices - BuildPiper. It brings in a comprehensive ability of one touch, fully automated management of the complete lifecycle of Microservices applications right from Kubernetes cluster setup & management, monitoring, Secure CI/CD pipelines, compliance, and observability across ongoing operations.

OpsTree strives to do better every day through continuous improvements and overcoming its own limitations, which also happens to be the company's motto. The company is thriving at a rapid pace with its pioneering services and its unconventional product, BuildPiper has gained huge acceptance and appreciation across the community.