Avertech: Making Migration To Cloud An Easy & Affordable Move For Diverse Businesses

CIO Vendor For many years now, businesses have been concerned about their business security and hesitated to adopt cloud technologies and solutions. Today, the situation has taken a 360 degree turn and every business is trying to stay digitally progressive and modernize their infrastructure by moving from on-premise to cloud wherever is possible. Moreover, since the outbreak of COVID-19, the demand for cloud-based solutions has seen a significant growth owing to remote working models being adopted by enterprises. With this increasing need among businesses there is a demand for experienced cloud technologies and solutions service providers that can seamlessly assist businesses in their digitisation journey. `Our cloud managed services help customers to focus on their application to enhance and launch new services without worry about the backed infra,' says Priyanka, Co-Founder & Director, Avertech Services.

Most customers look for reliable and secure infrastructure that can provide better performance in the most cost effective way for their respective businesses. This need can be easily catered to if clients are willing to key requirements can be easily fulfilled if customer move their infrastructure on AWS as it offers every compliance as per clients diverse needs. The AWS Well-Architected Framework is a collection of AWS Best Practices across five pillars for designing and operating workloads in the AWS cloud which are as - Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, and Cost Optimization. With in-
depth understanding of the same, Avertech endeavours to design infrastructure that potentially satisfies requirements of AWS best practices and WAR pillars for its clients.

Established in August 2020, the company was registered for APN Partner in May 2021 and within just 70 days could successfully become AWS Advanced Consulting Partner from Select Partner with 30+ customer base. It works with a team of certified AWS Professionals, who possess unparalleled understanding of Solution Architecting - Kubernetes, Docker, CI/CD, Serverless architecture, CloudFormation / Terraform, Well Architect Review and skilled on Micro Services.

Avertech aims for high customer satisfaction and plays a very important role in offering custom solutions to clients and fulfils their requirements in very cost-effective way. There are separate team for AWS Billing Management who closely work with customers and periodically analyse customer AWS billing based on various parameters. In case its teams find any anomaly, they discuss the matter with customer immediately and thus take corrective action based on the discussion for undisrupted business operations.

Once the project is live, post migration support is also done and as it receives the sign-off from customer for project closer it also ensures that its Managed Cloud Services team come in picture and assists clients whenever needed. “Our Project or Professional Services Team gives the internal knowledge transfer to Managed Services Team who then take care of customer infrastructure based on agreed scope including Change Management, Incident Support, 24x7 monitoring, Services Request and more,” Priyanka adds.

“Currently, we are planning for embracing two to three AWS competencies. This will help us offer better exposure to clients on various innovative and advancing technologies for diverse segments of businesses. It will also boost our customer acquisitions and business growth,” Priyanka concludes.