SourceFuse Technologies: Re-Engineering Applications for Enhanced Cloud Experience

CIO Vendor A survey done by NTT Communication found that 41 percent of the decision makers were of the view that “migrating complex applications to the Cloud is more trouble than it is worth”. And the reason behind it is that businesses are unable to harness the benefits of cloud technology due to inefficiency in planning their migration to the cloud platform. It has been noted, in order to realize the full benefits of the cloud, companies need to think beyond mere migration and focus on strategic transition for complete digital transformation.

SourceFuse Technologies, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, understands the existing roadblocks in the cloud migration process and does a fine detailing of the inefficiencies in the current IT structure and applications through end to end assessment aimed at digital transformation of the business. Talking about the positioning of SourceFuse as a digital solution provider on AWS, Gautam Ghai, Co-CEO, says, “Our specialization is in migrating custom applications of enterprises that require optimization and reengineering on the AWS cloud. We do end to end assessment of the application to figure out inefficiencies. We take care of any re-engineering required for optimizing the application for cloud before doing the migration.”

SourceFuse provides its services on cloud consulting, migration and AWS cloud management. The company’s services go beyond simple migration and cost benefit to the clients. The company deals with specific problems pertaining to different applications and suggests engineering solutions for the same. Reiterating this, Ghai comments, “We are an engineering product group that looks at problems and hands out user technology that is best in class to solve the issues.”
The company provides full cloud benefit to the clients along with cost efficiency and scalability. Its serverless technology, AWS Lambda allows application engineering to fully utilize the elasticity of the cloud.The company also offers ‘Key Performance Indicators’ as a part of its engagement with the client. A server-less solution, when not in use, does not cost anything while providing scalability. If the customer wants to scale up, they can do so anytime. Along with massive scalability, the solution provides cheap maintenance and reduced downtime. With these features, it proves to be an effective replacement for legacy based onpremise infrastructure.

We do end to end assessment of the application to figure out inefficiencies. We take care of any reengineering required for optimizing the application for cloud before doing the migration

In addition to providing engineering solutions, SourceFuse is also working towards bridging the existent skills gap in the market. “We have aggressive training and development program in partnership with AWS to help bring skills to the market,” emphasizes Ghai. Through its certified programs, the company aims at combining the ability to engineer products and certified knowledge of the AWS systems to deliver solutions in an efficient manner. SourceFuse Technologies is currently working with different verticals, providing them with applications that leverage data analytics, machine learning and omni-channel solutions. For its future endeavours, SourceFuse Technologies aims at expanding its AWS presence. With its branch already set up in London, SourceFuse plans to expand its existing businesses to Hong Kong and also the larger South Asian market segment.