AVEVA Information Technology India Pvt. Ltd- Optimizing Cloud Technology for Capital Engineering Ind

CIO Vendor round the globe, cloud computing is being increasingly adopted by enterprises. However, there is trepidation about the obstacles to the adoption of cloud computing as well as movement of business-critical applications to the cloud. The same apprehension will be involved in enterprises’ environment while offering cloud based business critical solutions to their clients. When it comes to the utilization of cloud technology in capital engineering industries, there are some technical hurdles to be abolished.
Detaching these technical challenges of cloud technology, AVEVA Information Technology India Pvt. Ltd comes forth as a leading provider of Engineering, Design and Information Management software solutions to the world’s capital engineering industries. The company’s solutions are business-critical in both project execution and operations in oil and gas as well as power and chemical industries. These solutions are being relied upon by the world’s most productive ship builders and increasingly utilized by the mining and minerals processing industries.

AVEVA has always provided its customers with customization capability for its software, so that the customers can utilize this as a competitive advantage in their line of business

Initially, AVEVA’s business expedition to India commenced in the middle of 1990s. Since 2001, the company has had a direct in-country presence in Indian IT landscape. By 2012, AVEVA amplified its activities as a part of a strategic development plan. Thereby, the company improved the scope of AVEVA services to the rapidly growing network of customers and partners in India’s oil and gas power and marine industries. Progressively, AVEVA India increased its technology development capacity by expanding its Technology Centre in Hyderabad in 2014 for development, testing, solution delivery and support. Currently, its Technology Centre has more than 380 employees who all form an integral part of AVEVA’s Solution and Technology activities globally. Today, AVEVA India has three offices in India - Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad with over 430 employees which is about twenty percent of AVEVA’s global workforce.

Cloud Technology for capital engineering industries
Cloud technology offers considerable benefits for AVEVA customers. It has the potential to dramatically cut their costs of operating powerful solutions
like AVEVA's and increases their ability to respond rapidly to fluctuations in workload.While talking about the utilization of cloud technology in capital engineering industries, it is relevant how AVEVA overcomes the challenges associated with it.
As AVEVA solutions are business-critical for its clients, the company ensures that its cloud deployments are robust and reliable, same as their clients' existing on-premises deployments. The company recognizes achieving this as its foremost challenge.
Secondly AVEVA has always provided its customers with customization capability for its software, so that the customers can utilize this as a competitive advantage in their line of business.

In addition, the company needs to enable cloud hosted, highly graphic-intensive applications such as 3D design to run quickly on local workstations. Even a slight deduction in user experience can make measurable impact on the productivity of a design team which can lead to indirect impact on the cost and timescale of the entire project.

Addressing Technical Challenges
To address these technical challenges, AVEVA works closely with selected customers to understand their business requirements and test solutions with real project data. AVEVA India does these processes with high confidentiality.

Besides this, the company has piloted a public programme called AVEVA Experience™ in which AVEVA offers 20 hours of free access to its flagship design solution named AVEVA Everything3D™ (AVEVA E3D™) which is hosted on AWS.

"This is a self-learning facility aimed at existing AVEVA PDMS™ users. It lets PDMS (Plant Design Management System) designers to attain hands-on experience of our next-generation solution and enables us to gather software feedback from customers to continuously fine-tune the solution. AVEVA Experience™ provides an effective and easily accessible way to gain hands-on experience of the latest AVEVA technology, wherever you are. For employers, it makes it easier to train and upskill your engineers and designers," points out Navtej Garewal, SVP - Regional Operations India.

AVEVA India is committed to support the hybrid model continuously. Thereby, its customers can progressively and discretely choose migration to the cloud according to their workload permits. Besides customer requirements, AVEVA India follows customer-centric growth strategy. It has established relationships with EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction), power, ship building, oil and gas industries. Having presence across both Government PSUs and the private sector, its solutions are used to design, build and operate many significant engineering assets in India such as naval ships, power plants, refineries, oil and gas platforms etc. AVEVA India anticipates significant growth in the region by building on AVEVA's existing EPC and Marine user base. In addition, it foresees aggressive growth in the Owner Operator and Fabrication sectors.