Trianz Inc.- On the Cloud in 60 Days with TRIANZ

The past decade and a half has seen galactic changes in how enterprises, of all size, carry out their computing. A multi-exponential growth in computing power, digitization, and abundance of data generated by both users and devices has given both a thrill and sometimes a throbbing headache to businesses on how to harness the potential of these massive disruptions. Among social media, mobility, analytics and cloud, collectively known as SMAC, it is Cloud Computing, which has given a leapfrog momentum to the digitization of the businesses. This is more so in the emerging markets where International Data Corporation (IDC) is predicting a 37 percent annual growth through 2017, nearly twice the growth rate seen in the developed markets. IT infrastructure spending on Cloud is expected to account for 46.6 percent of the total spending on Enterprise IT infrastructure by 2019.

Trianz is uniquely positioned to serve global clients - large and small. It is a dynamic and growth-oriented firm that leverages its Management Consulting and Technology Services to provide turnkey execution services to its clients across, high-tech, insurance, financial services, retail, life sciences, public sector, healthcare, and logistics industries. The Trianz team comes with a robust set of credentials and proven results where it has helped its clients move infrastructure, workloads and data in varying Cloud usage scenarios. “We were early to deploy Openstack-based Private Clouds and also are one of the early Amazon Web Services (AWS) consulting partners serving close to 60 plus clients in their deployments and/or Cloud operations,” says Vivek Gupta – Worldwide VP, Cloud Services, Trianz.
Be it CRM/ERP, Enterprise Applications, E-Commerce Applications, Learning Management System, Portals or even intense data transformation/processing, Trianz can help organizations adopt a new approach and capabilities that can bring in a number of improvements in both their business value and business operations.
Trianz Cloud practice has a very clear goal: To enable its clients harness the power of Cloud computing for better business value and bring agility, innovation to IT. To this extent, Trianz supports its clients in one or more of the following illustrative scenarios.

1. On the Cloud in 60 Days
This Trianz service supports clients having needs similar to the examples below:
• Client-One: “We are building this
e-commerce product and want to scale it in proportion to the increase in site visitors.”
•Client-Two: “We have this healthcare application(s) running off in-hospital premise servers; can we move all applications to a multi-tenant setup on Cloud.”
Be it greenfield or brownfield applications, Trianz can assist clients in running their applications on Cloud. These include all the aspects of a typical application: Infrastructure, OS, Middleware, Application/Workload, Data, and Security. Any method of application migration to Cloud: Lift & Shift, Lift & Reshape or Lift & Refactor can be accomplished with predictable timelines and outcomes. This Trianz service is based on a clear blueprint with specific IT, business, and stakeholder objectives. Designed and built around achieving key IT and business imperatives around:
• Rapid delivery of IT solutions to address business requirements
• Lowering total cost of ownership
to IT
• A robust alignment between
business and IT
• Outpace competition both by
pace and delivery of products
/ services

2. IT as a Service
Trianz IT as a Service supports client having needs similar to the examples below:
• Client-Three: “We have a Data Center that is 70 percent virtualized. What is needed to roll out a Hybrid Cloud integrated with internal ITSM processes?”
• Client-Four: “We have multiple
Data Centers with a mix of Bare Metal, VMware and Hyper-V systems. How can we roll out a fully managed single-console Cloud in this setup? With scope for adding AWS into the mix later?”
With IT as a Service, Trianz can assist clients to preserve their investment in either Virtualized or Bare Metal environment and find ways to “Cloudify” them. Further, our deployment approach obviates the discussion on Private vs. Public, since the IT as a Service model allows business users to deploy and utilize multiple Clouds seamlessly.

3. DR on Cloud
This Trianz service supports clients having needs similar to the examples below:
• Client-Five: “Our primary method of doing DR today is via backups. Recovery can take 1-2 days. How do we reduce this to a few hours with little added expense?”
• Client-Six: “Our DR coverage
and RPO/RTO metrics is patchy today. How do we get better control on it for all our production workloads in the DC?”
Disaster Recovery of on-premise workloads is emerging as one of the key use-cases for Public Clouds such as AWS. Traditional models of deploying DR have often proven to be inadequate and left many organizations vulnerable to outages. Trianz can assist clients to adopt an RPO/RTO driven DR on Cloud strategy. With AWS, one can accomplish Single-Click DR recovery automation as per workload needs. Clients can choose from one of the following four DR operating models based on their specific needs - Backup, PilotLight, Warm Standby and Active-Active.

4. DevOps
This Trianz service supports clients having needs similar to the examples below:
• Client-Seven: “We have too many issues with our Software Development and Testing Processes. Consequently, we are able to make product releases typically every three months.We would like to get this down to a weekly release.”
• Client-Eight: “Our application requires a fairly complex set of Infra and software and therefore deployment time is long. We today have silos of dedicated systems for Development and Testing pre-provisioned across multiple teams; we would like to move to a shared on-demand pool of systems in future.”

Organizations today face many issues around current SDLC processes ranging from using a diverse set of tools across teams, time-consuming processes to fix build-failures, excessive manual testing, deployment of infra, integration testing coming later in the cycle with lots of unpleasant surprises, and so on. Trianz can enable clients to not only fix these gaps (e.g. Test Automation), but also help roll out a fully automated CI (Continuous Integration) and CD (Continuous Deployment) DevOps pipeline. While it is possible to implement DevOps with an environment dealing with only Physical machines, use of Cloud (Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud or Public Cloud) enables a more agile and automated scenario for product development and rollout.

5. Data Transformation & Analytics
on Cloud

This Trianz service supports clients having needs similar to the
examples below:
• Client-Nine: “We have this Data Warehousing workload processing data from multiple databases such as DB2, Oracle, MS SQL and it takes more than six hours; can we reduce this to an hour or so using Cloud?”
• Client-Ten: “We have this BI reporting workload that is processing data from Oracle databases on-premise and is about a 20 hour batch. How can we continuously do this on Cloud?”

Some organizations who had invested heavily in their Enterprise Data Warehouses in last two decades are yet to realize measurable impact, with one common theme running across their systems - unhappy business users, due to:
1. Falling Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in their EDW environment
2. IT’s inability to integrate external unstructured/semi-structured data that would provide valuable insights about their customers, and
3. Lack of cost-effective self-service BI capabilities, again owing to IT’s limitations
IT on the other side, is struggling to scale the environments to the changing business needs, challenged with a reality that it cannot be done without a significant investment. Not to mention, the pressure to reduce the operational expenditure which is mainly due to the heavy licensing costs of various databases, ETL and BI tools coupled with ever increasing resources costs.
Such experiences have made many organizations skeptical about the investment required to create a Data Lake or a Big Data Analytics environment despite their understanding of the benefits they could reap.

Trianz team comes with a robust set of credentials and proven results where it has helped its clients move infrastructure, workloads and data

So Public Cloud (e.g. AWS) for the purpose of high-speed Data/Data Warehouse analysis and reporting is a good option for many of these organizations. Trianz can assist clients in handling the ETL/ELT/Data Ingestion and the subsequent analysis and reporting to AWS. For clients who are concerned about moving their On-Premise Database to Cloud, Trianz uses a combination of mechanisms from Migration tools, Cloud ETL tools, Scripts and Automation not only to export but also to transform data in batch or in real-time to suit the need of the hour. The end result often can be vastly superior in terms of the significantly reduced time it takes to complete the data jobs.
Trianz can also facilitate in BYOL to the Cloud platform by migrating the BI platform to AWS and utilizing analytics platform like Amazon Machine Learning in building ML predictive models providing business insights.

6. Business Applications on Cloud
Trianz helps clients adopt Cloud who have needs similar to the examples below:
• Client-Eleven: “We have few modules of SAP running on old hardware. Can we have the DR using Cloud? Also, can you help us move the applications from AIX to x86 architecture?
• Client-Twelve: “We would like to deploy our HRMS / PeopleSoft on Cloud. Can you help us with the move and also support us on the apps and database?

Many organizations do acknowledge the merit of a retiring legacy systems and applications and adopt the Cloud. However, the starting point seems to be the DR for them to ensure the continuity of business. Trianz has both functional and Cloud expertise to help companies deploy both production and DR workloads on Cloud and manage them. The migration itself gets achieved with tools available in the marketplace with relatively low downtime and of course follows the principles of testing and going live.

Doing it Right… The First Time
Trianz’s processes, frameworks and tool-driven models help uncover opportunities to capitalize on existing strengths of client’s IT infrastructure while bolstering the identified weaknesses to optimize the Cloud migration and deployment RoI. “Together, with our partners such as Amazon Web Services, we share a common theme of building an enterprise for tomorrow and believe that among all the disruptive forces, the cloud will be a pivot for client success,” says Vidya Sagar, Director – Cloud Practice, Trianz.