Innova Solutions Inc. - Demystifying Cloud Transition through AWS

CIO Vendor Presently, enterprises are allured by cloud technology, craving to upgrade efficiency, accessibility, productivity and profitability etc. An exodus towards cloud migration has begun as it is indispensable for enterprises’ business growth. As any project becomes successful by means of strong expertise and experience, enterprises need hands-on experienced partners to fulfil their cloud technology based business requirements.

Innova Solutions headquartered in California with its India offices in Chennai, Pune and Hyderabad, delivers Enterprise Cloud Transformation, Analytics & Information Management and Operations Managed Services

Hankering to speed up enterprise business transformation and innovation, Innova Solutions headquartered in California with its India offices in Chennai, Pune and Hyderabad, delivers Enterprise Cloud Transformation, Analytics & Information Management and Operations Managed Services. Being an Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) advanced partner, the company offers cutting edge technology solutions that comprise cloud security, scalability, elasticity, and availability across hybrid IT environment. While endorsing AWS’ cloud technology, Innova Solutions offers comprehensive suite of services and tools covering the full lifecycle of transition into cloud ecosystem which consists of Readiness Assessments to migration. By its nature, Innova Solutions is a global information technology and managed services provider that facilitates enterprises to adapt Big Data technologies and offer analytics services and solutions for actionable insights into business data.

Innova Solutions is committed to empower its clients to adopt and optimize cloud technology. The company leverages a broad selection of AWS services along with its value-added solutions and toolkits which incorporate best practices and Innova Solutions’ years of experience. To aid
its clients, Innova Solutions focuses on a strong strategy or design function, an effective DevOps practice and robust operations management.

Founded in 2007, the company has designed and developed more than 400 stores across various industry verticals including fashion, beauty, electronics, automotive, toys, entertainment, jewellery etc. KLoc specializes in ecommerce, content management based websites and bespoke open-source solutions. Their service offerings include creative design and customization of websites, online stores, API (Application Program Interface) programming, live chat, blog, video and affiliate software integration, creation of mobile friendly webstores, on-page SEO to promote traffic and sales and inventory management.

As Amazon has made an announcement to sunset their Amazon Webstore from July 2016, KLoc is offering migration services to Amazon’s approved partner, Shopify or other online commerce platforms. Currently, it is the rank one Shopify Setup Expert in India. KLoc boasts of a team of talented Shopify experts committed to creating aesthetically pleasing and functionally rich Shopify sites that are tailored to clients’ business requirements. Additionally, KLoc’s ecommerce service portfolio includes Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, 3DCart and other PHP based carts.
KLoc Technologies has invested time and effort to build competency in designing and developing amazing online stores. It has a team of experienced designers and developers who use only standards-compliance code and best practices to create visually appealing, as well as functionally rich online stores on any platform. KLoc extends the functionality of online stores using custom scripts and API based programs or third party apps.

KLoc leverages all innate benefits of the online shopping cart platform like Shopify such as a complete hosted platform, secure payment system integration, reliability and uptime of scalable infrastructure, marketing and SEO features, advanced analytics and more to launch online stores. It also deploys them on the platform specific infrastructure and helps sellers go live. KLoc also suggests value added third party services or products to help enterprises market their store, drive traffic and take right decisions.

With outstanding technology expertise, KLoc offers high quality and cost effective services to clients all over the world. Their customer retention ratio is extremely high which speaks volumes about customer satisfaction. KLoc helps individuals and enterprises accomplish their business objectives through creative imagination and technical brilliance. Today, KLoc takes pride in providing excellent service and plans to develop value-added products to complement its technical competency.